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Los Angeles Heat Recovery Ventilators

An Efficient Answer to Keeping Your Home Warm

Heat recovery ventilation systems transfer the energy from the outgoing indoor air to the incoming fresh air from the outside to reduce the energy demand on your heating and cooling system. This is done with a coil that keeps the air separate from each other and transfers the energy only; by doing so it reduces the amount of energy that it takes to heat or cool the incoming fresh air.

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Types of heat recovery ventilator systems include:

  • TrueFRESH ventilation system by Honeywell brings fresh air into the home, even when all your windows are closed. Furthermore, it recovers most of the heat, in the cold weather, or cooling, in the warm weather, from the air leaving the home.
  • Healthy Climate ERV by Lennox allows fresh air to be delivered with little to no energy loss by transferring heat and moisture from the indoor air to the air coming from the outside and balancing humidity levels for improved comfort.
  • AccuExchange energy recovery ventilator helps you save energy during the hot, humid weather by pre-cooling and dehumidifying incoming air and recover heat and moisture from the air that is being expelled during the cold and dry weather. It is an efficient way to provide fresh air to the building and increase the indoor air quality.

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