Perfecting Your Indoor Comfort While Enhancing Energy Efficiency!

Energy Savings Assessment in Los Angeles

Maximizing Your HVAC System’s Energy Efficiency

How can you achieve energy savings in your Los Angeles-area home and cut utility costs? It’s a question we here at Pros 360 get a lot, and it’s one we’re eager to answer. But the energy savings answer isn’t the same for everyone. Everyone’s home is different.

When we come to your home, we have to:

  • Perform blower door and duct blaster tests
  • Measure heat and cooling loss with infrared cameras
  • Determine energy consumption and safety
  • Analyze the airtightness of your home

    Our ultimate goal is to analyze energy consumption and implement efficiency upgrades that promote energy savings.

    Energy Savings Assessment

    The first step toward getting your home efficiency-optimized is by getting a thorough audit of your home’s current performance. Pros 360 offers a multi-point assessment designed to analyze where energy is spent excessively, determine what changes should be made, and then prioritize and recommend a course of action.

    Our comprehensive assessment of a building utilizing scientific methods to measure and record current energy consumption conditions. The process analyzes where energy is spent excessively, determines what changes should be made, and then prioritizes and recommends a course of action. As Energy Auditors, we use Blower Door and Duct Blaster tests, Thermography measures (infrared – video and still cameras), Combustion Analyzer, Gas Detector, and other tools to help determine the building’s thermal envelope, airtightness, safety, and energy consumption. The ultimate goal is to analyze energy consumption and implement efficiency upgrades that promote energy conservation.

    We will recommend the right solutions to get your energy consumption under control. They could include:

    • Thermal envelope improvements, saving heat that escapes through windows, doors, crawlspaces, etc.
    • Three different types of insulation for different situations
    • Installation of vinyl, aluminum or wood window & door frames where appropriate
    • Weatherization of cracks & air leaks in the building envelope

        Saving Money & Energy Every Day

        Whether you are looking to rectify ongoing problems, or simply want to improve the quality of your home & health even further, our Sherman Oaks energy efficiency specialists are prepared to help you.

        We proudly offer:

        • Up-front pricing
        • Friendly and knowledgeable experts
        • Licensed & certified technicians
        • A safe and healthy work environment
        • 24/7 Emergency Service
        • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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          Our Goal is to Perfect Your Indoor Comfort while Enhancing Energy Efficiency!

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