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Mission Hills Packaged HVAC Units

Space & Energy Efficient Options

If your home or business doesn’t have enough space for a traditional split heating and air conditioning system, you should consider an HVAC package unit from our Mission Hills HVAC experts. An HVAC package unit combines the furnace, air conditioner, and air handler all in one compact, space-saving unit. On demand, the air is pulled into the unit, heated or cooled, and re-distributed to the house.

Advantages of an HVAC package unit include:

  • A typical HVAC package unit
  • Conveniently located outside the house or on the roof
  • Cost-effective and easy to repair due to its convenient location
  • A highly efficient system, easily meeting the energy standards of similar split systems

    Gas Pack

    A combination of a gas furnace and an air conditioning unit in one package, a gas pack is an efficient heating and cooling solution for your home.

    A traditional HVAC system uses a centrally located furnace inside the house with an air conditioning unit outside. In contrast, a gas pack combines both of these units in a single outdoor packaged. The air is pulled in from the house, heated or cooled as appropriate and distributed back indoors.

    There are numerous benefits to having a gas pack, including:

    • Provides more powerful heat on a cold day than a heat pump
    • Energy efficient natural gas or propane alternative to an electric heat pump
    • Its all-in-one design makes it easy to install and easy to work on

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