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HVAC Zoning Systems in Los Angeles

Efficient, Even Heating & Cooling Throughout Your Home

If you live in a multi-level building or if you are exposed to multiple heat loads, you are quite aware of the uneven room temperatures around you. When you bring in one of our Sherman Oaks HVAC zoning system experts, we can create designated zones to maintain the desired temperature independent from the rest of the building. For instance, if you are primarily upstairs, you can enhance your comfort by having a zoning system to keep that floor at a certain temperature which may be different from the downstairs. Since the upper level is exposed to a higher heat gain, it needs to be air-conditioned more frequently than the lower levels. Zoning systems are installed to mainly address comfort and uneven temperature issues but in some cases may result in saving money.

Benefits of an HVAC zoning system include:

  • Maximizes comfort by allowing you to independently control the temperature of each zone
  • Increases efficiency by allowing you to keep some zones hotter or cooler


    Harmony III by Lennox is an innovative four area zoning system that helps eliminate hot and cold spots. The Harmony III also includes an automatic changeover that automatically switches between heating and cooling operation, depending on the demand. Lennox has recently developed the iHarmony which is a more advanced zoning system for communicating equipment. In addition to enhancing comfort, this system will significantly save money on running costs. It has the ability to modulate capacity based on the occupants' needs ranging from 35% to 100%; however, it has to be matched with the proper equipment.

    TrueZONE by Honeywell is a zoning system that works with any equipment, and it also can be added to an existing system when needed. The system cannot modulate capacity and a barometric regulator must be used with it to ensure proper operation. The TrueZONE system will enhance comfort and eliminate hot and cold spots. In some cases, it has the potential to save money on running costs as well.

    Call our offices today to speak to one of our Los Angeles HVAC experts and find out what zoning options might be best for your home. We can be reached at (818) 714-8929!

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