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The dry, arid climate of Sherman Oaks offers many benefits to its residents, such as a warm and comfortable climate nearly year round, but it is not without drawbacks. With this dry atmosphere comes a variety of sinus and respiratory problems that could be plaguing you and your family. If you or a loved one in your home are always fighting off respiratory infections or colds, having a humidifier installed in your home by our Sherman Oaks indoor air quality experts could make a huge difference. They can help to regulate moisture in the air and promote the health of your sinuses, easing discomfort and discouraging respiratory and sinus problems.

Why Would I Need a Humidifier?

There are many benefits to having a whole-house humidifier, such as:

  • Overall health and wellness: Air that is too dry can exacerbate respiratory problems as well as contribute to things like nosebleeds, sore throats, cracked skin, and damaged lips. When the air has a healthy amount of moisture, it also combats the type of germs that cause colds and cases of flu. As you can imagine, this is especially important if you have infants, the elderly, or immunocompromised loved ones living in your home.
  • Comfort: Air that is dry will feel much chillier than air with more moisture, even when they are precisely the same temperature. When you are trying to warm your home, excessively low humidity can make it challenging to reach a comfortable temperature – not to mention stressing your home comfort system unnecessarily. By maintaining a healthy humidity, you’ll be able to reach a stable temperature more easily, for less money!
  • Increased protection for furnishings: Wood surfaces such as tables, chairs, and flooring in your home can suffer greatly in arid environments, leading to cracking and peeling in your belongings. Keep your furniture good as new by ensuring that they are as happy as you are in your home’s environment!

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