Address These Furnace Warning Signs Before Winter

When you get home from a long day in the winter, you want to walk into a warm and cozy house. If your furnace isn't working, then this warm idea is often abandoned for one that includes a space heater and warm clothing that you wear for the rest of the day. Here are a few warning signs that you don't want to ignore from your furnace before winter arrives.

Odd Noises

Unless you're launching a jet in your home, your furnace shouldn't make any loud noises. It should run quietly aside from when it turns on and off. You might notice a slight noise when this occurs. If you hear any bangs, squeals, or rattles, you should consider getting your furnace inspected to determine what is causing the noise to occur.

No Heat

When your furnace comes on, you don't expect it to be just as cold inside your house as it is outside. If your furnace isn't putting out any hot air, then there could be something wrong with anything from the thermostat to the blower. Sometimes, older furnaces need a complete overhaul, which means that you might need to replace the entire unit or several major components that will make the furnace operate as it should.


The first time or two that you turn on your furnace might involve some odd smells as the heat begins to work through the vents and warms the dust and other particles that have settled in them. However, you should never smell anything that seems like it's on fire. If you do smell something burning after turning the furnace on, then you need to turn the unit off and contact the pros as soon as possible to examine the unit. A burning smell could be an indication that the wiring is bad or that there is something wrong that could lead to your house catching on fire if it's not addressed.

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