How to Extend the Life of Your Home's Air Conditioner

Like any major investment, the appliances in your home stand a much better chance of lasting a long time if they’re maintained throughout their normal working life. Lack of maintenance causes malfunctions of major components because certain parts of the appliance need regular lubrication and cleaning. Imagine how long your car would last if the oil was never changed! Similar reasons for maintaining your vehicle also apply to your home’s air conditioner.


Air Conditioners Need a Break

As with any major appliance, just because your air conditioner is designed to run for long periods of time, they still need rest. Running your home’s air conditioner constantly will cause the components inside to more easily wear out. Setting the thermostat a little higher in the summer months will alleviate some of the strain put on your air conditioner


It’s not required to maintain uncomfortable temperatures for the sake of saving your air conditioner, however. Keeping your air conditioner running three to five degrees warmer than your normal settings should keep the wear at a minimum.


Proper Airflow is Essential

Perhaps you’ve heard about the benefit of airflow in and around all appliances, especially your clothes dryer. Another appliance that requires good airflow is the condenser unit of your home air conditioner. The condenser is the unit that sits outside your home, all year, in all kinds of weather.


Shrubs, trees, grass clippings, and leaves play a part in clogging the area around the condenser preventing good airflow through the condenser coils. Essential to AC operation is the condenser. As hot Freon flows through the condenser from the compressor, the large condenser fan cools the Freon so it can flow to the evaporator inside the home to provide cool air.


If air cannot flow around the condenser, the unit runs longer than normal to give cool air to the home, which increases energy usage and cost. The extra runtime not only decreases performance, but ultimately, shortens the operating life of the unit.


Annual Maintenance Pays for Itself

Let’s go back to the idea of maintaining a car. As you know, regular oil changes help keep the engine running smoothly. In the same vein, annual check-ups of your air conditioner also help keep it running and can prevent a major breakdown thanks to potential problems showing up earlier only minor issues.


Maybe the cost seems unnecessary, but it’s regular maintenance that keeps your air conditioner running year after year, saving you the cost of a premature replacement. The cost of an early replacement is expensive and preventable with regular maintenance with professional experience.


Remember to Change the Filter

One of the easiest and least expensive maintenance tasks you can do yourself is to replace the air filter. Once a month works best. The location of the air filter is sometimes obvious, other times not so much. Consult your owner’s manual for this information or call Pros 360. We can answer any question about your air conditioning unit, recommend the best filter—we can even do the replacement for you!


Remember to call Pros 360 for any repair issues, preventative maintenance, or even just if you have questions related to your home’s air conditioner. Call our team of heating and air specialists serving Sherman Oaks, Mission Hills, and beyond to get started! We have decades of experience helping countless families just like yours improve their home comfort systems!