3 Reasons Your Utility Bill Might Be Increasing

If seeing the numbers climb on your utility bill makes your head spin, try not to worry. Just because your electric bill went up doesn't mean you've been using more electricity. Unfortunately, it's probably not an error either. It isn't even due to a bad estimate.

There are multiple reasons your utilities may be suffering from a price increase, and many of these reasons may not be immediately clear.

Seasonal Adjustments

Seasons change, and as they do, your bill may be rising! Shifting temperatures throughout the year can affect the levels of electricity you use to heat or cool your home. Going from summer to fall to winter can change the amount of energy you consume. The fall is usually a cheaper period of time for your household; you won't require much air conditioning or heat during this time. However, both the summer and the winter can be taxing on your power consumption. The winter is typically the most expensive time of the year because extra energy is required to heat your home. If the winter months have just begun and you've noticed a jump in your electric bill, don't worry! This increased power consumption is likely normal. However, if you notice an unusual spike in the middle of the season there could be another problem. Play it safe and call your local HVAC technician.

A Change of Habit

Have you recently changed the time you do laundry? Watch television? Surprisingly to some, electricity does not cost the same at all times. When more people are on the grid, the cost of using electricity rises. From 9 am to 5 pm is typically when you want to use the least amount of electricity possible. In fact, doing your laundry just before bed can save you a small fortune on your electric bill because fewer are using electricity at this time of day, meaning the cost of electricity is cheaper than at more active parts of the day.

Prices Aren’t Consistent

Not only does the price of electricity change throughout the day, but it can also change over time. The general cost of electricity could have gone up since your last bill. Resources are used to produce the electricity we use daily, and the cost of those resources is not entirely consistent. These increases are passed on to the consumer.

Luckily, a higher bill doesn’t have to stick around! Switching to a more efficient central air system could be all you need to lower your monthly electric bill. When Pros 360 installs and replaces your system, we take into consideration the building envelope, so we can properly calculate the heat loss and heat gain. We feel it is our responsibility to match your indoor climate desires with the best and most efficient solution. Our Sherman Oaks HVAC specialists use AHRI certified equipment combinations for heating and cooling systems which are Energy Star approved and more efficient. Contact Pros 360 and schedule a consultation today.